Essential Oils for Arthritis

Arthritis is a joint disorder which involves the painful inflammation of one or 
more joints. Causes are diverse, but essential oils for arthritis are an almost 
universal approach to treating these common disorders which may ultimately limit 
range of motion and mobility, and disfigure hands, feet, neck, spine, hips, knees 
and other joints if left untreated.
Essential oils for arthritis may have a beneficial impact upon the condition in 
a number of ways. When considering essential oils for arthritis, remember 
that using an aromatherapy diffuser is one of 
simplest and most direct ways to enjoy the healing properties of these botanical 
The pathology of arthritis often leads to the destruction of cartilage, resulting in 
locking or fusion (ankylosis) of the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis may be the most 
familiar form of this condition, and now is identified as a systemic autoimmune 
disease, resulting from inflammation. In severe untreated cases, the classic 
ankylosis symptom often may be observed in a crab claw-like deformity of the 
hands and fingers, which typically happens over the course of decades. We 
associate arthritis with old age, because the symptoms often do not manifest until 
midlife, but arthritis in its several forms may affect people at any stage of life.
Essential oils for arthritis 
may offer immediate relief in terms of a topical compress used with a heating 
pad or ice-pack, as well as in an aromatherapy blend which may reduce the 
level of inflammation which triggers the symptoms. The combined effects of 
these oils offer immediate analgesic relief (Peppermint in particular), may reduce 
the inflammatory cascade which causes arthritis, and may also stimulate the 
movement of lymph as well as blood-circulation (Cedar in particular), helping to 
move toxins out of the body faster to reduce swelling and stiffness.
Look for blends of essential oils for arthritis 
which use these ingredients in a synergistic way: 
• Marjoram
• Rosemary
• Peppermint
• Bay Leaf
• Tea Tree
• Lemon 
• Myrrh
• Frankincense
The question of inflammation also should be explored from a lifestyle point 
of view. In addition to affecting the joints, arthritis can also cause serious 
internal inflammation, including in the pleura or membranes of the lungs, 
the pericardium or membrane around the heart, and the sclera or white 
of the eye. Many contemporary wellness practitioners believe that many 
cases of arthritis are linked to Candida, a common yeast which often grows 
to excessive levels in the human digestive tract. Some nutritionists link an 
excess of Candida with eating processed products containing white flour and 
white sugar, as well as other sweeteners and additives.
Apart from diet, a course of antibiotics may also trigger a flare-up of Candida 
as the aftermath of killing normal bacterial gut flora. Essential oils for 
arthritis may offer instant pain relief, but it is wise to consult with a health 
practitioner if arthritic symptoms seem to correlate with taking medication for 
a bacterial infection.
The conventional treatment for arthritis usually involves anti-inflammatory 
drugs and steroids to suppress the symptoms, although these do not 
halt the process of the disease. Newer disease-modifying anti-rheumatic 
drugs as well as surgery may also be options. In tandem with these clinical 
approaches, microinhalation and massage with essential oils for arthritis 
may also offer comfort at any point during treatment.
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