Spa Day Ideas

When it comes to spa day ideas, we all know the desired end-result: balanced 
energy, no aches or pains, flexible body, relaxed psyche and glowing, radiant 
skin. Topping the list of must-have for spa day ideas are 100% USDA certified 
essential oils—to be enjoyed in the shower, as part of a massage (even a DIY!), 
as a sachet, laundry rinse, and in an aromatherapy diffuser.
When drawing up your shopping list for spa day ideas, don’t settle for cheap, 
synthetic fragranced products. If your bath oil, boudoir candle or body spray 
contains something called “Fragrance”, don’t buy it if you’re looking for 
aromatherapy. “Fragrance”, in labeling and packaging speak, means synthetic, 
artificial perfume. Aromatherapy is made possible by the use of essential oils, 
which are natural botanical extracts made from plants—blossoms, bark, leaves, 
stems and roots. Artificial fragrances are generally pressed from petrochemicals, 
as in coal byproducts, etc. and are notoriously irritating to eyes, nose, lungs and 
skin. Some artificial fragrance components are even suggested to be linked with 
increasing the risk of cancer and hormonal disruption.
When it comes to spa day ideas, the more truly organic you can make the 
experience the better. A regular spa day at home each month can be an 
opportunity to weed out potential toxins and irritants from your home, and create 
a more earth-friendly collection of supplies and products. This is not only good for 
the environment—it will enhance the effects of your spa day, too!
1. Throw out your old, sad, raggedy towels. Ditto for that bathmat and 
robe, and your bedsheets. Remember, you’re creating a deluxe spa in 
your own home. Rather than just picking up the usual, go organic with 
organic cottons and bamboos. They are absorbent, long-wearing and 
2. Clean your shower and tub. This should go without saying, since you 
want every surface to sparkle. Again, in the interest of health and beauty, 
don’t just blast away with the usual harsh chemicals. Clean with natural 
products for a more spa-compatible experience.
3. Fresh flowers make it spa-licious. Pick up a bunch of locally grown 
blooms at your local farmer’s market the morning of your spa day. Buy 
local to support growers in your area. For instance, roses grown in Chile 
require a hugely wasteful expenditure of fuel to reach your supermarket in 
4. Unplug. Yup. Turn off the bell on every device. Put your laptop to sleep. 
Put your phone into the deepest, darkest corner and enforce a no-texting 
mantra at least for a few hours. Put a sticky-note on your front door which 
says “Spa in session, please don’t knock or ring.” If you drift off and miss 
an Instagram of a piece of pie that someone else is having….have you 
really missed all that much?
5. Drink something warm, then something cool. If your spa day ideas 
will last more than a few hours, you’ll enjoy the experience more if you’re 
nourished. Protein in most forms (i.e. steak, omelette, burger, cheese) 
is hard to digest, so go easy with a warm cup of Miso soup made with 
soybean paste (add warm water, finely chopped veggies, soy sauce) 
available in many markets. Then after your spa experience, drink a glass 
of cool purified water “brightened” with slices of lemon and cucumber in 
the glass—it will purify your skin and perk up your metabolism, enhancing 
the benefits of your steam, massage, shower, aromatherapy, etc.
6. The best of all spa day ideas: invite friends. Granted, if you have a 
small space you can’t invite your BFFs over for a luxurious soak, etc. 
But it’s a proven fact that human interaction and connection is what is 
missing from modern life, contributing significantly to feelings of alienation, 
depression and stress. Spa day ideas with friends to enjoy at home, 
especially if you have a yard or patio, can include group pedis and manis, 
or group petrissage, or scalp massage, with essential oils. Local salons 
offer these packages.
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